alpha girl

alpha girl
(AL.fuh gurl)
The dominant member in a group of girls; a girl who bullies other girls.
Example Citation:
Citing new research on teenage relational aggression, a flurry of articles and books have appeared in recent weeks trumpeting the existence of the alpha girl (a k a the "really mean girl" or the "queen bee"), a supremely confident, domineering and manipulative teenager, whose main appeal seems to be her stereotypically masculine behavior.
— Emily Eakin, "Listening for the Voices of Women," The New York Times, March 30, 2002
Earliest Citation:
Archer managed to overcome her father's misgivings by promising that he would allow Mary — an archetypal Alpha girl who duly collected an Oxford First — to follow any career she chose.
— Graham Turner, "The Midas Touch," Sunday Telegraph, May 1, 1994
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